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Fashion POLICE !!!!! Mix

Our FASHION POLICE department has been working and trying to find some criminals of fashion and we have some results.

Please check a mix of this sinners

I know a trend coming is sandals with socks but for sure , she is not thinking on that, plus her sandals are quite small for her,,


Her Tiger is protecting her for sure of all bad taste, Grrrr


Maybe it is too hot and she needs some fresh air, can happen ??

Foto 1 (2)

Have you ever see some sinners ? send me pics, together we can help them ..

Fashion Police

Guys ….This is really Toxic

First I am not so fan of Jeans and when you have ones, MAKE SURE you have the right size and looks nice on you.

We have Mirrors in this planet.

How you can go out like that .. you just scream it.. Toxic

fpolic (9)fpolic (8)