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Living in this world full of mainstream brands covered of logos and awareness of what brand are you wearing The Row does the opposite.

Keep it simple, exclusive (how should be done) clients knowing the amount of craftmanship and tradition which goes in each garment. Stoping this fast consumption madness.

The Row presented first time in Paris in a very exclusive show lovely pieces with oversized collar blouses and layers of soft Cashmere.

Please check some impressions

Softness, class and high end fabrics make THE ROW the most discrete and high end brand all done by the Olsen Twins

We want some pieces in our closet.

Social Distancing Couture

Well we are back at Couture, This time with no more than DANIEL ROSEBERRY for SCHIAPARELLI couture 2022.

Lot of Drama, lot of emotions which has been reflected in fashion, during this pandemie time the world has been changing and of course fashion. I think all fashion companies need to think how to be more sustainable but at the same time this is business so Brands produce basics collections full of logos for a mainstream public in order to get assets and produce high quality collections for the real clients.

This is whz Couture will remain spacial and very small and Schiaparelli is working on it, producing amazing pieces and collections inspired by the current world situation. My interpretation of this amzing couture is to reflect an amazing social distancing collection in which the pieces are Spectacular but at the same time dont get close to me.

Take a look some impressions

Couture 2022

Couture ? What is Couture

Well after a week of HAUTE COUTURE, lets say kind of because what i see now is just Pret a porter more than Couture, I know Couture is made to measure and with a huge effort for craftsmanship that why its so expensive but pret a porter is also expensive and Made in Europe, so i dont say everyone needs to do a carnival or circus but spending that huge amount of money people need to know the effort and what its Couture. I celebrate all kind of fashion because that is fashion about right! But if you are just designing something that its mainstream or basic and charging a huge amount of money well you dont deserve my money.

That is why i join the club of cool and new ways of designing like Balenciaga or Tailoring like Alexander McQueen, Innovative like Iris Van Herpen ETC.

Lets all run by getting slow fashion and cool pieces and not running by seasonal trends that will landed in mainstream and fast fashion.

Cozmo Sandals by ECCO Shoes

isn’t just another sandal. #MovesLikeYou

This sandal is anything but ordinary. The ECCO design team has reinterpreted the casual and cool style of the classic Nordic Sandal to take the next generation of premium comfort sandal to a new level. ECCO COZMO proves to be not just another sandal – but THE sandal that adds a stylish twist to your classic or colourful look and is ideal for everyday wear.

The luxurious velour leather gives the new Cozmo sandal a chic Scandi look, while the flexible sole and supportive footbed make it a new go-to shoe for on the go or at home. The sandal is best worn on a beach day, a casual date night, to a birthday brunch or cosy in the garden.

Fine materials Developed in ECCO’s own award-winning tanneries, ECCO’s high-quality leathers are extremely soft. This enhances day-to-day comfort as well as the durability and look of the shoes. The breathable lining made from high quality leather enhances comfort and elegance. The Cozmo sandal is made from high quality full grain or nubuck leather, with the anatomically shaped footbed covered in the softest suede for ultimate comfort.



Are we living in a fake world? are we living a period of fake smiles? Are we seeing only fake social media?

I am pretty sure of you will answer YES !! which i am joing this club too, we are bombarded of fake apps, fake filters, and the most valuable fake smiles as many cannot handle your surrounding and the only solution is SMILE but fake.

With this DIESEL is bringing a capsule collection in which we can express this without saying it.

Psss! A really good thing.

I have discovered a new cool product which also help us to look cool and fashionable and its from GUHL ! a nature Repair series with organic borage oil.

In many areas of life we consciously decide what is good for us. We want to be careful with our environment without compromising the performance of the products. The new Nature Repair series from Guhl combines effective hair care with naturalness and sustainability. Stressed, damaged hair is nourished and strengthened with effective up to 97% natural ingredients so that it looks healthy and strong.

Check it out and try ! Let me know if you have some results.

HBA!!!! Naomi for Hood By Air

As a huge fan of HBA, i was feeling sad when designer SHAYNE OLIVER finished his last collection and hibernate. my feeling were kind of mixed as i wanted to have more and more pieces of art as that is for me what HBA means. then he started to go around some Collab (Longchamp, Helmut Lang). but now he is back after years and launching some pieces and we think ,, Does it have the same impact than before? are we amazed again? would it be cool and exclusive again? well the first pieces were kind of mmm let me think about it as it was a garment who even mainstream shops can produce. so i was like mmm

Now HBA dropped an amazing Campaing with queen Naomi called MOTHER. Are we getting something we were looking and waiting for? it is going to the right track again. with this image absolutely.

Sooooo now i will keep my fingers crossed and see any update.

My kind of Cozy Valentine

JOANNA BUCHANAH is here to give us a lovely and cozy Valentine with a bee collection.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, accessory designer Joanna Buchanan presents a nature-inspired collection celebrating love and her fascination for bees. The US-based designer pursues creating joyful interior accessories for the daily life and special occasions, a value she now incorporated in thoroughly curated pieces to epitomize the message of love and generosity inherent to Valentine’s Day celebration.

Passionate Charms  

In addition to the natural elements inherent to Joanna Buchanan’s creations, a sense of magic stems from her decorative charms. The red heart and red lips designs, presented as wine charms and cocktail sticks, are a wink at Valentine’s Day iconic motives. These lucky charms are a modern take on classic romantic decorations with a sense of humor and magic.

More information about Joanna Buchanan is available on the official website:

Joanna Buchanan products are available:
Queen’s Five in Zurich.