Blue sensations by SACAI

Blue ocean, blue sky, blue cotton, blue hair, blue SACAI,

Sacai just showed us an amazing collection full of blue touches and signatures outfits. A Japan influence based in simples cuts but mixed with stripes and prints, Creating a cosmic mood to this ready to wear fall 2016.
Sacai created in the 90’s slowly has been stepping everytime stronger and every season stronger, with a lovely world full of new details standing out of the crown and you know that is what i love !!!!!!
Check out some impressions about latest collection





GUCCI Mania fall 2016

Since Alessandro Michelle took over Gucci and turn it into a new world an aesthetic world that is moving fashionistas, bloggers, editors and everyone who loves fashion, I wanted a lovely shoes that I saw at their showroom, almost impossible to get them only until hit the stores. Everyone is getting into Gucci world into a romantic vision, a colorful combination and a no difference of sexuality.
Fur, print with 70s look, this is just a way of learning new ways of style and challenging the fashion industry to see new horizons, standing out of monotony.

Check some cool impression and let the Gucci world invaders you




A colorful Del Pozo NYFW

Fashion is a statement of freedom, It has been always in my mind, At New York fashion week we saw lot of cool stuff and new ideas and designs but few get my attention and some my word WOW COSMIC, in this case i am talking about DEL POZO, His collection full of colors and neoprene silhouettes.
another touch was Flower gloves a delicate and elegant accesoire but twisting it with friendy colors.
A femenime ladz but having a strong statement seing i am here and i feel great Thank you DEL POZO for this magnificent collection Fall Winter 2016

Check some impresions

Del Pozo MCW (4)Del Pozo MCW (5)
Del Pozo MCW (6)Del Pozo MCW (3)

Del Pozo MCW (1)Del Pozo MCW (2)

Art meets fashion ++ CoutureSS16

Viktor & Rolf as always showed us in Paris for Spring Summer 16 SS16 a different direction of fashion couture, and I love it +++ very gaga or not i love it. Who will dare to wear it? anyway i would love to see someone wear any of them,
Fashion is about feelings and feel free and this is about statements and this is why i love Viktor & Rolf ++++

Every show is a new world check some impressions



Sporty mood by KTZ LCM Fall 2016

A new day, a new week and another round for Fashion, Now London Collection Men ++++ playing strong as always London is showing us cool looks , fresh moods and cozy and lovely combinations.

so far one of the best has been KTZ ++++++++

Showing us a fresh look, sporty with mixed materials, fake fur with leather, cool and full of stripes , I adore this looks and cant wait to see some of you in Fall 2016 wearing them +++++

ktzlcm (7)ktzlcm (6)

ktzlcm (5)ktzlcm (4)

ktzlcm (3)ktzlcm (2)

ktzlcm (8)


At the last New York fashion week i have the chance to meet the lovely and cosmic Ana Lucia Bermudez, Colombian fashion designer who has a clear idea of mix colors and put it nicely together.

Immemorial is her latest collection inspired in two african tribus called Surma and Mursi, she took their corporal art and transformed into clothes.
She is a really powerful colombian girl who has a lot of power to be show at Milan Paris or London fashion week, her style and silhouettes are strong and colorful.

Check some impressions

Ana L D (3)

Ana L D (1)Ana L D (2)