Lace me up with N21

As a Goddess covered in lace, N21 is presenting their Spring Summer 17, which is already available in stores. This fine and amazing fabric so delicate and exquisite with a touch of modernity. I was able to attend 3 of their shows and that magic in the shows if mind blowing. For this collection full of flair in which white is a very important color i will say the main color, turning into a side colors like intensive red, or dark blue. N21 is improving every time and this funky wave full of attitude and amazing quality.
Femininity is an important factor and he applies it to the brand, and mention that it doesn’t have a rule for Femininity, you can express however you want.

Check some impressions


UNRAVEL trip to Fall 17

Looking into brands, trends, you can discover how much can a a couple of brands can influence in so many other designers and movements in fashion, of course i am talking about Balenciaga, Vetements, HBA, i will call them the fashion parents of the moment. This is how i love to see some upcoming brands taking some inspiration and developing their own wave like in this case UNRAVEL.
With a big influence they are showing for Fall 17 an amazing cool kid collection, based with latex, hoodies combined with classic outfits. serious blazers with a punk pants in latex and some pointing boots.





Johanna Ortiz ++PFW++ Fall 17

When you visit fashion week you expect the big brands only but no, this is not the case, there are a huge amount of excellent designers and showrooms to visit with easy access, That is also the idea to discover new talents because some big brands just dont fill much our expectations, In Paris this week JOHANNA ORTIZ show us another world, a space full of amazing pieces where creativity is the main idea. We see many brands going Balenciaga, vetements, HBA directions, but Joanna’s collections not.
This amazing Colombian designer blow me away with this tones , cuts, style and spark outfits.High quality gowns with a touch of glamour like we all love.


Speechless with all the ruffles and silk amazingnesss


VIVA COLOMBIA ++++++++++++


Hoi Bally ! as very traditional brand coming from a very traditional country Switzerland, BALLY just blow me away, i love how brands are keeping tradition like Bally stripes but moving and getting an update and pushing boundaries, for that i say just wooow Cosmic amazing, i just love everything they showed in Milan fashion week presentation.
Trendy and easy going with a mix of materials and fabrics from velvet, tartan and colorful bags, of course keeping the high quality that always represent BALLY, a fresh direction which attracts now young community and fashionistas to stand up and keep it very trendy.
I was a fan of Bally, now i am a huge FAN and even more supporting as i am living in Switzerland.
Check some beauty outfits that were presented this week, I look forward to own some lovely pieces.


Fashion TREND alert Fall 17

In the middle of the boom of Fashion week slowly we start to see new trends for fall winter 17. in this case i am super mega happy to see this cosmic trend
+++++LONG SLEEVES GLOVES ++++ seeing in last show of ALTUZARRA who is getting more named than before, everyone on the fashion industry talks about it, anyhow his strong catwalk with this amazing pieces in leather cuts and some ribbon sides.
This is a must trend for fall 17 and i wanna see it on all colors and with so many combinations of fabrics.


Furry sensations by Dion Lee

We are living now a huge cold winter in Europa, temperatures are going down and best tip is to dress as an onion, t-shirt over sweatshirt and a long arm pullover and a huge oversized of course coat.
Oversized seems to keep in trend and it will be for this winter, also fur is coming back in all ways, fake, faux and synthetic fur.
A rich texture and color is showing us DION LEE for Pre-fall 2017, this lovely collection concentrates in coats and outerwear, some shearing stays many pieces.




New Revolution GUCCI ss17

Fashion week is almost over and we are in woww mood, so many designers so many trends and so many clothes to buy, but apart from everything GUCCI is creating a revolution, is getting the statement when people study fashion in 50 years, and teachers inspiration of the 10s will be GUCCI.
Inspiration of their spring summer 2017 was based in a prostitute and some books of LA. Season by season gucci is exploring and exploring standing out and trying new mixes and new trends, i wish people will stand out and change the way how they are dressing , its to mainstream too basic. With metal or plattforms shoes gucci showed us that everything is possible, a ultra dimensional sunglasses will shine next summer on the streets.
I just cannot stop being a huge fan and costomer of GUCCI. Time for a revolution.
Check some details of SS17 presented in Milan.

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guccss17 (6)

Burberry AW16 See now Buy now

Yesterday Burberry presented its collection AW16 in which a new concept was launched SEE now BUY now.
I have the oportunity to be present in this experience in BURBERRY store in Zurich, as they hosted with a lovely catering and excellent service. we were very excited about the show and later can touch and feel immediately all gowns and accesoires. The collection was amazing with a big touch of royalness and a quite mix of fabrics and genders, Laces mixed with wool.
Frog fastening were an important topic for this AW16. in which i love the most pieces weareable for men and woman.
I thank you to Burberry CH for this lovely experience.
Check some impressions.

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Special Thanks to Alexandre Morais