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Colorful Resort for GIVENCHY 2018

We all are going thought this carousel of Fashion with so many figures, colors and people, every day is coming something new, new trend , new ideas but remember fashion has a commercial reason but style is what you own. Since GIVENCHY does not have designer but need to bring some collections and they create a lovely set of strong colors in their RESORT 2018.
I see that logo mania is coming, and some fashion houses are not much into it but as commercial purposes they touch little bit this trend but keep their own signature like GIVENCHY. A divers palette of strong colors and high end materials are making this house to stay for long period. Lace and a futuristic look combined with powerful scenario bring for resort 2018.
Check some amazing looks for men and woman.








++ you see it, you interpret it and you wear it +++++++

Fashion Shows, collections, design, trends, people, all we see is a 24 hours explosion of fashion but what we do with it is what keep you in the loop.
Mixing and creating your own look is what makes fashion more cool and with lot of fun. as an example you can see me having a similar outfit of the pictures above, under are Givenchy with Leggins and some skirts for men, I took this as inspiration and create this cool look for me, keeping my style and the way how i feel it.
Fashion doesnt have to be expensive, I love mixing designers and also checking low cost brands, in this case i am wearing a lovely Top from Y3 Yohji Yamamoto with a easy long tshirt from London, and a simple black leggins in combination with Nike x Ricacardo Tisci sneakers.



You can buy fashion but no STYLE

Wish Fashion List, Givenchy




Hi everyone, New week, new energy and new Wishes, I am super in love with this Cosmic bags and also the whole collection from Givenchy, Tote bag, Large pouch and Tank Top.

Super Super Cosmic !!!! this is super trendy, unique and make you feel out of this planet.

You can get them in: Luisaviaroma.com