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Living in this world full of mainstream brands covered of logos and awareness of what brand are you wearing The Row does the opposite.

Keep it simple, exclusive (how should be done) clients knowing the amount of craftmanship and tradition which goes in each garment. Stoping this fast consumption madness.

The Row presented first time in Paris in a very exclusive show lovely pieces with oversized collar blouses and layers of soft Cashmere.

Please check some impressions

Softness, class and high end fabrics make THE ROW the most discrete and high end brand all done by the Olsen Twins

We want some pieces in our closet.

Runway and Star Trends, The Row



Sometimes we are lazy, or energy level is low , not in the mood to think what to wear, so take something very easy but always Cosmic FASHIONABLE for example this high quality clothes from THE ROW.

As you know i am a huge fan of the Olsen Twins and of course I follow her brand THE ROW

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