Mother Nature meets ICE WATCH

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Colors, bold and funny is the new ICE WATCH collection which will be soon available in stores, a color blocking situation that ajust to all situations, with an all terrain material in plastic which make it easy to use and not worry about any enviromental, like with other watches.
For that reason you can just have that feeling to camouflage with the nature.
Flexible but smart, cool and happy and just trendy.
This Belgian company is slowly getting the cool name in the market the cool kid the kid who was to have fun and showing us that everyone can do it.
a clean display makes a strong eye catcher of the colors. and i say i love them.

Check how this lovely pieces match with the mother nature which moves later to the future..

A green sensation coming into the plants
Ice Watch (75)

Some Nature friends are joining the party
Ice Watch (36)

Party realness now
Ice Watch (50)

An Orange forest perfect to match and move forward to the future
Ice Watch (18)

Moving to a futuristic world
Ice Watch (26)

Electronic and glitter colors ambient also perfect to match
Ice Watch (30)

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