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Hello Vetements revolution !!!

A Punk, A rapper, an Urban girl, a rockstar a new era of seeing fashion is getting bigger and bigger, Brands which huge superstarts are using now like HBA Hood By Air example Rihanna at the VMAs but wait behind of all of this movement and coolnes is VETEMENTS.
Gemna Gvasalia creative director not only for Vetements but for BALENCIAGA too, he was living in Germany and moved to antwerp later helping in Margiela, so he is coming with a huge knowleadge and is shaking the entire fashion industry. his idea is beeing super cool and unique with oversized pieces which i love love adding strong sentences like you fucking asshole etc.
We see that this revolution is in our minds and everyday street styles are filling it with pure vetements influence, Super happy to see and super happy is more to see it on the street.
there are so many outfits and collections that this is a small example of what Demna wants to tell us.

I am loving a VETEMENTS influence in the fashion scene.


Mother Nature meets ICE WATCH

Colors, bold and funny is the new ICE WATCH collection which will be soon available in stores, a color blocking situation that ajust to all situations, with an all terrain material in plastic which make it easy to use and not worry about any enviromental, like with other watches.
For that reason you can just have that feeling to camouflage with the nature.
Flexible but smart, cool and happy and just trendy.
This Belgian company is slowly getting the cool name in the market the cool kid the kid who was to have fun and showing us that everyone can do it.
a clean display makes a strong eye catcher of the colors. and i say i love them.

Check how this lovely pieces match with the mother nature which moves later to the future..

A green sensation coming into the plants
Ice Watch (75)

Some Nature friends are joining the party
Ice Watch (36)

Party realness now
Ice Watch (50)

An Orange forest perfect to match and move forward to the future
Ice Watch (18)

Moving to a futuristic world
Ice Watch (26)

Electronic and glitter colors ambient also perfect to match
Ice Watch (30)


We all love shoes by ASOS

We love shoes YES, also bags and we go back to love shoes ++++++ it is kind of a fetish, I love to see on the runways of the fashion weeks the shoes, and i adore shoe presentations, you can touch , feel quality, and all kind of creativity that a shoe envolves.
I want to show not always high end brands but also good quality and cool designs, its not about brands its about STYLE +++ my motto +++
ASOS presented for the upcoming season cool and sophisticated shoes to combine with your lovely pieces +++
Velvet comes very strong and piton leather or printed piton.
Check this options more under asos.com


MCW AsosMCW asos 2

MCW Asos3MCW Asos 4

Juxtaposing visuals by J.W. Anderson

JW Anderson who runs also LOEWE has a clear vision in fashion and also how fashion is moving fast super fast.
His shows drive your eyes to isolate understandable pieces: It could be a royal blue satin zip-up top, a padded leather T-shirt with a rose embroidery on the front, or a rabbit-fur hoodie.
But aint nobody has the potencial to show a different perception of high fashion like Anderson, playing with creativity and mixing with high quality materials make us fashionistas to keep both eyes on him every day +++++

“I love fashion! It should be fashion,” is one of the declarations Anderson made backstage.


Weekend street style


Even weekend is to relax please be fashionable +++++++

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” — Alexander McQueen

My CosmicWorld

No Matter ++++


Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality


Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality


At the last New York fashion week i have the chance to meet the lovely and cosmic Ana Lucia Bermudez, Colombian fashion designer who has a clear idea of mix colors and put it nicely together.

Immemorial is her latest collection inspired in two african tribus called Surma and Mursi, she took their corporal art and transformed into clothes.
She is a really powerful colombian girl who has a lot of power to be show at Milan Paris or London fashion week, her style and silhouettes are strong and colorful.

Check some impressions

Ana L D (3)

Ana L D (1)Ana L D (2)