Hello 2017

After a roller coaster 2016 where fashion changed so much, trends were coming to us like a x-ray, i will also compare the fashion year like my own life fashion experience, I am very happy to start a 2017 with full power standing out and keeping creativity in a high standard, learning more about fashion and giving my own opinion about it, with a 2016 of many wannabe bloggers and only for money i post my picture, 2017 will be better and walking hard and with a different opinion about this topics, i am very happy how trends develop like Dior, Vetements, Balenciaga, McQueen, Hood by Air, and and many more.

For the moment wish you an AMAZING 2017 full of fashion.


Shine in the dark

We all have been thinking , what its wrong with the people ??

It has been a roller coaster situation with me but what i learned in mz life is to go ahead , and shine, good vibes come with good vibes, in a world of blackness in a vetements moments just be ACNE or Prada or Dries van noten.
Come out and learn all its about to proof that you are able, that is why this blog is not only about me, its about to show the world what is trending, what comes , in this crazy fashion industry because i know about it.
Please please always do your best and stay humble.


Dots situation MSGM

After all this shows and fashionistas and colors and and and many and i can sit and put down all my ideas and say i love this this is a new trend this is coming, and for sure something nice and beautiful are the Dots specially from MSGM show fall 16 in Milan, Dots in any kind of combination is a must for winter 2016, no matter colors no matter print or texture DOTS are just to drop dead once again

Check this two examples hands up for MSGM