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Hoi Bally ! as very traditional brand coming from a very traditional country Switzerland, BALLY just blow me away, i love how brands are keeping tradition like Bally stripes but moving and getting an update and pushing boundaries, for that i say just wooow Cosmic amazing, i just love everything they showed in Milan fashion week presentation.
Trendy and easy going with a mix of materials and fabrics from velvet, tartan and colorful bags, of course keeping the high quality that always represent BALLY, a fresh direction which attracts now young community and fashionistas to stand up and keep it very trendy.
I was a fan of Bally, now i am a huge FAN and even more supporting as i am living in Switzerland.
Check some beauty outfits that were presented this week, I look forward to own some lovely pieces.


Cosmic event with Bally and L’Officiel in Zurich

Last week Bally and L’officiel Switzerland offered an Amazing editor pick up event, showing us new collection

check some impressions…

Foto 2 (2)Foto 1

Foto 3Foto 4

Foto (2)Foto 2 (3)

Foto 5 (2)

Foto 1 (2)

Courtesy: Jeannette Johannsen and
Maria Flames by Zurich Connections