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Swarovski flawless at BASELWORLD 2015

Recently I visited BASELWORLD 2015, and i found lovely luxury accessorizes, like watches, jewelry, all about Gold, Diamonds, Pearls, the most beautiful stones.
One of the biggest stand was SWAROVSKI. As part of my impression was that I saw Dresses, My question is, Is Swarovski now in direction to high fashion clothing? anyway check some gorgeous impression about it.

Dresses with crystals for an amazing party, or Cocktail event, all is possible with Swarovski.






Just In !!!!!!! Sexy Atelier Versace Spring 2015

The idea this season, as she put it, was “to go back to the shape of a woman’s body, which is curvy.” There wasn’t a straight line to be found, not on the terrific black tailleurs that opened the show, nor on a trio of the youthful emoji-embroidered minidresses worn with matching knee-high boots, and definitely not on the evening dresses with their swirling arabesque insets of nude mesh.

Courtesy: Style

Blue Graphics by Versace pre Fall 2015

Finally Versace takes other direction, and I love it, This Pre Fall 2015 is all about the graphics, keeping it modern and still a sense of luxe. A collection with lot of patchwork with different type of leather like Mongolian Lamb, and mink. Also having some outfits with asymmetrical cuts that remains the traditional dresses of Donatella.
If you wanna stand out, shine and feel that you are Gorgeous, this is your look,







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Alien Queen by Viktor Luna SS15

VIKTOR LUNA debuts his Spring/Summer 2015 collection to a global audience in September 2014. For the New York-based designer, ‘ALIEN QUEEN’ marks his fifth consecutive collection to showcase during NYFW.
Out-of-this-world, futuristic elements collide with Luna’s signature punk rock nuance, while silhouettes draw inspiration from the legendary costumes of a 1980s Michael Jackson. Luna’s mastery of leather-wear and tailoring is perfected as he descends deeper into experimental techniques of embellishment and draping.
Viktor Luna provokes the audience with interplay of femininity, strength and technology. The rigidity of iridescent vinyl flirts with supple leathers and crocodile as delicate georgette elegantly drapes alongside otherworldly prosthetic and protrusions. While the collection’s styling is inspired by the regal and extraterrestrial, Luna’s individual pieces are unexpectedly down-to-earth.







Courtesy: Viktor Luna
get this amazing pieces at http://www.viktorluna.com/shop

Spanish fashion charming by Dolce and Gabbana MFW

España was the latest inspiration for Dolce and Gabbana at the Milan fashion week 2014 , lot of sexiness, and cosmic outfits, i choose my cosmic outfits for you,

What do you think, ready to wear something like that on the street?

DG15 (7)DG15 (6)

DG15 (5)DG15 (4)

DG15 (3)DG15 (2)

DG15 (1)DG15 (1)

Cosmic event with Bally and L’Officiel in Zurich

Last week Bally and L’officiel Switzerland offered an Amazing editor pick up event, showing us new collection

check some impressions…

Foto 2 (2)Foto 1

Foto 3Foto 4

Foto (2)Foto 2 (3)

Foto 5 (2)

Foto 1 (2)

Courtesy: Jeannette Johannsen and
Maria Flames by Zurich Connections

Fashion Art by Fendi MFW14

My deepest cosmic love is again is for FENDI, each piece is art, is different, make an statement. Be different just be Cosmic.




Hands Up for Fendi

Courtesy: Style

NY Fashion Week by Carolina Herrera

New York Fashion week is bringing us beauty , cosmic pieces of art, like this from Carolina Herrera,

ch ch2

ch3 ch4

ch5 ch6