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Mode Suisse get in the 17 round and with all the enviromental situation it keeps going, I am attending mode suisse since its 4 show and everytime is a delightful taste of swiss designers who try to improve with different ideas and textiles, some will be stuck with getting too much influence of big brands other keep developing and showing a strong DNA, this is what fashion is about for example AWS and Lida Noba.

Both had a strong collection and a magnificent essence for color:

AWS                                                                            Lida Noba

in this small and almost private venue we also had the chance to have like a re-see, to touch and see each garment closer also the chance to talk with designers and see what are they thinking of this business, anyhow this is business at the end.

Garnison                                                                  Klaesi Holdener

In a mens world dominated by suits and boring colors, Garnison and Klaesi showed a new wave of simplicity, elegance and coolnes. simple colors but different structures and oversize sophistication.

Keeping an eye in those designers is a must.

ModeSuisse Edition 11

All eyes were on Zurich this week, ModeSuisse landed to show a world where many creative minds put together lovely gowns and trends.
As always a full attendance public means something, there is a huge interest in Fashion in Switzerland.
I saw a lot of new tendencies, lot of influence which is all fashion about, my concerns are who would wear it in a conservative society? maybe that is our task fashionistas to show that Switzerland has potential and that is why Modesuisse is the platform for it.
A huge ovation to JULIA SEEMAN, developing a wave of style and punk madness which we love it. After her show in Berlin we have the pleasure to see it here in Zurich.
LIDA NOBA, Imagine traveling in a cloud in the middle of sand colors and preppy softness, the most lovely experience together with the music.
HEAD GENEVE blow me away with an amazing men collection of yetti madness, serving a lot of empowering outfits and strong steps into the audience. hell YES (Jeremy Gaillard )
ADRIAN REBER with a shadow of gold and brown, magnificent fur pieces mixed into gold mood and mix of materials well done and excellent execute.
WUETHRICHFUERST welcome to the world of realness mood and a crazy construction in which our desire said we want more and more.
I am very happy to see this amazing designers working hard in order to show us a new world, a parallel world full of creativity and to MODESUISSE to send us to that world.

Modesuisse 11Modesuisse 11
Modesuisse 11Modesuisse 11
Modesuisse 11 aModesuisse 11
Modesuisse 11 aModesuisse 11
Modesuisse 11Modesuisse 11
Modesuisse 11Modesuisse 11

Danke MODESUISSE for having me.

ModeSuisse 7 Edition by Sara Vidas

Chic and diva meets Cosmic Girl, with this collection many faces got excited, color and altitude were the best combination for her looks, hands up

Check my impressions


ModeSuisse 7 Edition by STF

This time was for Swiss Textil school , which i must say, this is between Art and Fashion, I love all the pieces ,it was a white road full of geometric fun and mix of textures.

Hands Up, i love it

Check my impressions


ModeSuisse 7 Edition by enSoie

Loves Rules Forever, Love rules forever yes and i say it many times….
This collection was amazing, very chic and at the same time mix of prints and colors, put it together in a beautiful urban way that i am looking forward to see girls on the street with this amazing pieces.
Love the messages, love the models, love some Boho outfits, Hands up Hand Up…


ModeSuisse 7 Edition by Huber Egloff

Huber Egloff, Swiss Designers presented at ModeSuisse in Zurich their collection based on simplicity with a touch of delicate colors. Mixing materials and innovative constructions.
check out some of my impressions


Fashion event at Gris store in Zurich

I had the chance to see amazing collections from two Swiss Designers.

Their collections are super very chic, with amazing materials and concepts. Prints where the joy of Lela Scherrer collection, mixed with lot of creativity. pieces that can be use in a chic or urban way.
Hands up for them and here are some impressions,

Check the store Gris at Europaallee.


Special thank you to:
Zurichsee Connections.com
Lela Scherrer
Gris Store