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MARGIELA mood for all year

Margiela is the child in fashion that is so amazing , creative but does not get enough recognition in the industry. But maybe that is what they want and also keep it underground for real fashionistas and people who will not be influence by mass market and retail push. Now for their pre-fall 2018 a strong and trendy girl who has a big personality and go with her cool vibes, some lovely fringes and a modern cowboy mood mixed with crepe and silk. i guess that is the success key, which i think big new upcoming brands try to get inspired like Vetements.
I love creativity but totally dislike copy with a small alteration and that is what this brands have a moment of fame then are gone or not the hot topic anymore, that is why Margiela stays and keep going for so so many years.
Hands up and check some impressions.




MIU MIU Treasures

Miu Miu Treasures is an exclusive new capsule collection with strong colors like Green emerald, The emerald is a symbol of wisdom, rebirth and striving for perfection. Rubies denote power, longevity and passion.
Miu Miu Treasures represents the brand’s core values of extreme luxury and fine workmanship, always with a quintessentially feminine and prettily playful twist.
Creating exclusive items for different markets with very special materials and fabrics , pointing strong colors like Red, Blue and Green. This is an exquisite collection for all Miu Miu lovers, take a look some items available worldwide.



Black and Black and more black by Gareth Pugh London Fashion week 2015

Nothing of real value comes to us without real sacrifice. this was the most important citation of Gareth Pugh in his head coming back to London.
He showed a black madness of Lova and War.
The models walked with faces painted in a red cross like football fans by Alex Box, their hair pulled back into a horse’s tail,black capes, face-framing funnel necks, a jacket and skirt that were as voluminous as a wrapped duvet, a Mongolian lamb coat in a silhouette-warping shag, flaring dresses that swept the floor.

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