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Silver Fox by MARGIELA

In this world of full of creativity, with so many changes and movements, where all trends are creating a new wave of living full a fashion fantasy, but sadly small houses are follow the big ones. We see way to much Vetements, Balenciaga influence, losing the identity of the house, but Some like MAISON MARGIELA its not, keeping their own line and spirit of creating coolness, funk and cool brand. This season we are going to take a trip to the silver moon , to the silver folie, to the silver spoon , a world full of only silver color , no space for other mood, this color coolness, this shinny sensation is making us getting all their pieces, colored leather, different fabrics but same mood.
I am super happy with to see this kind of trends separate from the mainstream.

Check some impressions:


Jewelry situation by Rejane Rosenberger in Kusnacht

“Catch your dream”, “Summer of Love”, “Ticket to Heaven” and “In terms of Nature” are names of the collections that Rejane Rosenberger showed yesterday in Kusnacht in a private and cosy atmosphere.
Handcrafted high quality pieces, some are special pieces made from materials from Nepal. combining it with an amazing outfit or with a neutral dress, this pieces of art will make you shine and keep you elegant.

Check my impressions


„A women’s jewelry should be as multi-faceted as she is herself.“

Courtesy: Zurichsee Connections