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Would you called it accessoire, or aditional piece or just clothes…..

In my own opinion i started to see more and more this lovely pieces that it will turn up a nice dress or an entire outfit, in some cases, this pieces are the highlight !!!!! if you wanna keep it simple do it with a simple dress but please use some spice and add one of those.
Made of leather, stones, latex, plastic, and many many fabrics.
and for sure we will see them more often, big designers are adding them to runways to campaigns , editorials etc, that for sure we will see them as streetwear, WHY NO NOW!!!!!
Easy to combine , easy to use and for sure to feel Cosmic!!!

Check some pieces !!!!

Onlychildlon (2)Onlychildlon (1)

Fleet Ilya

Idriss Guelai Atelier
idriss guelai atelier (2)idriss guelai atelier (1)

Fannie Schiavonni
Fannie Schiavoni (2)Fannie Schiavoni (1)

all available in


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