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We all love clothes, we all love fashion , we all love style and we all should love Quality, yes Quality,
Many companies want only fast fashion and selling numbers but where is the Quality? Big popular fashion companies are clear example (you know which companies i am talking about) this is why now small independent companies are trying to be innovative and working with healthy trends like with HEMP.
What is HEMP…… lets take it from the beginning
At the present we are over-reliant on dwindling fossil fuel reserves and are still busy chopping down forest at an alarming rate. HEMP is a sustainable alternative and also one of the most efficient converters of CO2 to oxygen. Currently many clothes are made from cotton, The major fibre is crop, it is also the most harmful, using 25% of the worlds pesticides.As pest have become more resistant to these chemicals , larger quantities are required, poisoning both land and water.
HEMP by comparison needs little or not insecticides or herbicides and produces three times as much fibre, making it more environmentally friendly.
One of my latest acquisitions was a T-shirt made of HEMP fibers from a lovely brand called… ORNAMENT FINE GARMENT a BELGIUM young ethnical designer.

Ornament #t-shirt

check some impressions…..

MCW Ornam (30)
Apart from living in a healthier environment, using HEMP is beneficial to the individual in many ways.

MCW Ornam (55)
HEMP fibers are porous so they allow your skin to breathe.

MCW Ornam (29)
Whilst also being softer, stronger and more durable than cotton.

MCW Ornam (98)

MCW Ornam (7)

Special thanks to FASHIONHUNTERS

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