Couture ? What is Couture

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Well after a week of HAUTE COUTURE, lets say kind of because what i see now is just Pret a porter more than Couture, I know Couture is made to measure and with a huge effort for craftsmanship that why its so expensive but pret a porter is also expensive and Made in Europe, so i dont say everyone needs to do a carnival or circus but spending that huge amount of money people need to know the effort and what its Couture. I celebrate all kind of fashion because that is fashion about right! But if you are just designing something that its mainstream or basic and charging a huge amount of money well you dont deserve my money.

That is why i join the club of cool and new ways of designing like Balenciaga or Tailoring like Alexander McQueen, Innovative like Iris Van Herpen ETC.

Lets all run by getting slow fashion and cool pieces and not running by seasonal trends that will landed in mainstream and fast fashion.

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