Social Distancing Couture

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Well we are back at Couture, This time with no more than DANIEL ROSEBERRY for SCHIAPARELLI couture 2022.

Lot of Drama, lot of emotions which has been reflected in fashion, during this pandemie time the world has been changing and of course fashion. I think all fashion companies need to think how to be more sustainable but at the same time this is business so Brands produce basics collections full of logos for a mainstream public in order to get assets and produce high quality collections for the real clients.

This is whz Couture will remain spacial and very small and Schiaparelli is working on it, producing amazing pieces and collections inspired by the current world situation. My interpretation of this amzing couture is to reflect an amazing social distancing collection in which the pieces are Spectacular but at the same time dont get close to me.

Take a look some impressions

Couture 2022

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