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A Fragance with many faces !!!!!!!!!!

Hot and Cold, Softly and peppery, fruity and woody.

This is the new trend for Men’s Fragence. one of them is the Amway fragance which i am trying and feeling that jungle moment.
Long lasting on the skin and presented in a bottle that is a modern classic, OPPORTUNE Premium will appeal to the more sophisticated male. The most outstanding benefit is the exclusive extraction technology, which allows the delivery of fragrances that are a perfect reflection of the original.

JB MCW (2)

The smart bottle with an elegant metallic finish and the combination of ice blue glass with warm orange lettering perfectly complements the duality of the fragrance itself.

JB MCW (1)

“Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom ” ADR

What i love the most is+++++++++++++++++++ to see a Cosmic person standing out and dressing amazing, showing what its really streetstyle.

I love to have at least one or two eyecatchers per day ++++++++++++++


“Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom ” ADR

Modissa Zurich event , Little pretty things

Modissa Zurich celebrated their lovely event called Little pretty things, a moment to have some fun, and celebrate together with some glasses of champagne ,( A lot) that small things that make a woman happy, with Manicure and Makeup stylist for free with tips and professionals just to learn something more.
Combined with amazing pieces of clothes and a Cosmic DJ, all this ingredient make such a cool atmosphere and nice people.

Please check my impressions

Modissa ZH  (13)

Modissa ZH  (1)Modissa ZH  (3)

Modissa ZH  (4)Modissa ZH  (2)

Modissa ZH  (9)Modissa ZH  (7)

Modissa ZH  (14)

Modissa ZH  (15)Modissa ZH  (8)

Modissa ZH  (12)Modissa ZH  (11)

Modissa ZH  (16)

ModeSuisse 7 Edition by STF

This time was for Swiss Textil school , which i must say, this is between Art and Fashion, I love all the pieces ,it was a white road full of geometric fun and mix of textures.

Hands Up, i love it

Check my impressions