Versace zoom in +++

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One of the most important fashion moment foe many people is to have an amazing bag or shoes brand.

I agree you dont need to have all brands in once , its better to have style than money, many friends of mine combined brands in different price levels and looks cool, but it is good to have a lovely brand bag or shoes +++ We love that
in this case i am doing a close up to VERSACE +++++ that pieces is to drop dead all the way.
Versace start to become a more casual and streetwear brand with easy looks keeping a chic and dominant and powerful women.
leaving logos behind and showing a lovely combination with modern colors, i stand up for this pieces , with cool shapes and easy to combine.
Take a look some examples….. soon in stores ++++++

Vers MCW (2)

Vers MCW (4)

Vers MCW (3)

Vers MCW (6)Vers MCW (1)

Vers MCW (5)

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