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MCQueen Fall 2023

Alexancer McQueen is back.

This season MCQueen is back after a break of showing in Paris, this time came back with everything, Tailored suits, new shoe models and the traditional ring bags.

Sarah Burton said : “It was looking at anatomy, the anatomy of tailoring,” she said backstage. “Almost back to the beginnings of McQueen on Savile Row. It was a progression, which starts very kind of straight and structured. And then it begins to flash and twist and turn upside down. It’s like how you begin with a garment—you have to know that there’s a way to construct it, the bones of it, before you can dissect it and subvert it.”

Images Vogue


Mode Suisse get in the 17 round and with all the enviromental situation it keeps going, I am attending mode suisse since its 4 show and everytime is a delightful taste of swiss designers who try to improve with different ideas and textiles, some will be stuck with getting too much influence of big brands other keep developing and showing a strong DNA, this is what fashion is about for example AWS and Lida Noba.

Both had a strong collection and a magnificent essence for color:

AWS                                                                            Lida Noba

in this small and almost private venue we also had the chance to have like a re-see, to touch and see each garment closer also the chance to talk with designers and see what are they thinking of this business, anyhow this is business at the end.

Garnison                                                                  Klaesi Holdener

In a mens world dominated by suits and boring colors, Garnison and Klaesi showed a new wave of simplicity, elegance and coolnes. simple colors but different structures and oversize sophistication.

Keeping an eye in those designers is a must.

Rick Owens FW19

What is this?

This is the world of Rick Owens, this is the way how he see the world, and I love it, this season was about textures, maybe alien textures with all the marvelous make up.

He said “I felt like i needed some grim, determined glamour” this lovely mood make us re-think we should have our own identity, no mainstream, no fast fashion, just express your way of freedom just dressing different, for this collection his coats with sculpted shoulders and some fur situations make us ahhh, also some tailored jackets.

This 2 looks has been the best for me.

New World, New Mode Suisse 13

Welcome to the new Mode Suisse 13, A well organized and cool atmosphere where last night Swiss designers chad the chance to bring us into their worlds.
With cosmic beats and a space where you could admire fabrics and materials closer, Mode Suisse 13 enchanted for the night in Zurich,
With 9 Brands, each with different backgrounds in which i love to jump from sexy bombshell into space gowns or classy trend complemented with a super mega cool Models casting, weird but cool, crazy but modern, powerful but clean shape, An important game of fabrics with huge prints and synthetic forms complemented with chains. that was the most memorable statements of the night, Although there is a strong (i mean strong) influence of named brands like Balenciaga, Vetements, Celine and The Row.
GARNISON was a total yes, with clean shapes and a new option for menswear, solid dark statements but keeping it cool.
COLLECTIVE SWALLOW speechless i mean No words i mean wow, Very cosmic concept love the bold colors and that vibe of feeling different is what we should follow.
LYN LINGERIE was an amazing statement of how lingerie can be good and trendy, love how they stay truly to their brand and not getting strong influence from big brands.
AFTER WORK STUDIO UFFF this was soo pretty so powerful and adding new materials on those garments like chains, that was EVERYTHING ++++












Thank you for bringing fashion to Switzerland


A ruffle affair by Johanna Ortiz SS18

Since couple of seasons I’ve been watching new cool designers, as big brand are getting boring and this new designers are stepping into this industry very strong. This is the case again for JOHANNA ORTIZ a Colombian designer which i am very proud as me Colombian. She is serving for SS18 a soft elegant ruffle situation. Ruffles are getting stronger and stronger in many designers but she is putting it together so nicely and chic than make us feel sophisticated. fancy fabrics with a small soft print or a lovely leather belt shows a strong look, a strong woman who loves comfort but at the same time is cosmic.
I love comfortable clothes but as long its chic, (flips flops is not chic at all) for sure we will continue hearing and seeing this passionate Colombian designer and hope we see her presenting soon in Milan or Paris or both.
Check the best impressions of her SS18.




FENDIbag me SS18

After this month of a full immersion of fashion during Spring summer 2018, many brands went to a basic and not creative direction, same colors and same patterns, basic pieces of all time summer but a few took a chance and showed us cool styles for summer and from different angles, this is the case for FENDI.
Fendi bring a lovely collection based in high class gentleman with a small touch of glamour together with quality, specially at the Italian way. (I had bad quality experience with N21 brand) this is why i am looking into quality this time. According to Fendi SS18 details are a key piece in this runway, specially in each bag which make me think i want them all i mean ALL, so cool pieces and still very funky as last couple of collections. so please see the best pieces that we need to get for summer 18.




MIU MIU Treasures

Miu Miu Treasures is an exclusive new capsule collection with strong colors like Green emerald, The emerald is a symbol of wisdom, rebirth and striving for perfection. Rubies denote power, longevity and passion.
Miu Miu Treasures represents the brand’s core values of extreme luxury and fine workmanship, always with a quintessentially feminine and prettily playful twist.
Creating exclusive items for different markets with very special materials and fabrics , pointing strong colors like Red, Blue and Green. This is an exquisite collection for all Miu Miu lovers, take a look some items available worldwide.