MCQUEEN SS18 , A romantic punk girl

Alexander McQueen presented a punk modern show inspired by some Britishness gardens, where all flowers were blossoming and this was the central idea then was transported to Paris, Pergolas with canopies draped, models with a punk drenched hair, combined with those amazing boots, which are getting stronger in last past collection and maybe moving to an it-piece.
Long deconstructed raincoats , pink chiffon ruffled dresses and wallpapers prints and of course something very British Patchwork.I think this collection reflect so much that love for nature that Sara Burton has. check the best impressions and cant wait to see girls combining this amazing pieces in ss18.


JELMOLI ++++ the new WORLD

Switzerland, Canton Zurich, Zurich city, Bahnhofstrasse and there right in the center JELMOLI.
Jelmoli just update their more exquisite men department, a new playground for all kind of men, who wants to be fashionable in many ways, as Jelmoli grow and grow with amazing brands that we could not find in Zurich like ETRO, BRUNELLO CUCINELLI, DSQUARED and many more. A wide hall full of different colors and shapes and i have to say, display is playing a huge role here and its working. The best way to celebrate this big opening was last week in Zurich with a cool atmosphere where men could play cards, or at the casino. Jelmoli did their best effort and bring Mr Brunello Cucinelli in person. Hands up. so check some impressions and do not hesitate to spin around JELMOLI in Zurich.


ART X HUBLOT +++ HUBLOT meets ART Zurich

HUBLOT presented last week an amazing and cool presentation in Zurich where HUBLOT meets ART, in this case we have the opportunity to meet MARC FERRERO.
One of the kind and energetic man, with a special touch of creativity and women inspired to just enjoy a lovely morning with HUBLOT, as a luxury watchmaker company Hublot develops not only watches but lifestyle and art, keeping a wide range of diversity watches for HUBLOT makes it easy for you to find the right product for you and your company, as well as for all your customers. possible
When I said all kind of market including cool and young in this case we have the chance to see the collaboration HUBLOT X SANG BLEU one of the best tattoo makers and one of my fav around the world.


TOM FORD re-opening ZURICH

TOM FORD re-open his store in ZURICH last week with a full collection only for Mens, with a very private and selected clients. Before Tom Ford was a franchise of the multi brand Trois pommes in Zurich, now all are below the designer. Keeping his sexiness and amazing designs the store includes a sartoria or meke to measure special section. We see that Zurich is raising as a fashion potential city.
check some impressions and link to the galleries of some attendances.



WOOW and again WOOW, i have to say, this was amazing and fab ++++++++ i am thinking that Rihanna is a super genius in everything she does, inclusive is doing very cool stuff that designers cannot achieve. This collection of super sport and cool at the same time with new materials like leather and nylon make us gaging for more.
A very strong woman like Lara Croft who run the street in a comfy way but cool , seeing like flip flops heels ++ this is innovation and creativity. please check super cool collection Spring Summer 18 for FENTY X PUMA

I wanna see you all like that next year



Total fan of this new ERA of Calvin Klein ++++++ Raf Simons is doing his best job ever, even better than Dior. CALVIN KLEIN was in the past, was like the friend that you have but you dont want to go out with, and then it was mainstream brand and that emotion was just over.
Now this excitement is back and Raf showed us some punk cowboy mixed with plastic mood, a strong and colorful scale of fabrics. That strong and powerful mood is what it makes us make wooow, even if there is a small Off-white, Vetements tendency i like it a lot. well i love it and i could wear almost EVERYTHING.

This spray wall situation


FRINGES and more fringes are MAJOR

PATCHWORK mood of course +++

Let me protect myself with my CAPES