Lace and prints, Perfect Combo for Summer by Ground Zero

Summer is just around the corner, and after seeing so many trends and most powerful that is coming to us very strong is LACE and PRINTS.

Lace is an amazing fabric for summer , keep it classy and sophisticated, but at the same time you can use it very sporty, very chic and very casual.
With prints you can do anything, PRINTS PRINTS I LOVE PRINTS, have fun carring prints in your shoes, dresses, bags etc. keep you style fun and fresh.





Courtesy: Vogue

Cosmic Editorial, ++++++++ Like it, show it and use it

Commercial Photography sells a product.
Fashion Photography sells a lifestyle.
Editorial Photography sells a story.

Now for those of you interested to learn more, please read on. Just take note that the borders between those different types of photography are fluent and may not be as distinct as I describe them here. Nonetheless, I am sure that this article will help you to easily distinguish between them. First of all let me tell you that Fashion Photography and Commercial are usually summarized in the category of Advertising Photography, while Editorial Photography tends to be a category of its own. The reason being is that both Commercial and Fashion foremost try to sell a certain product, while Editorial Photography is more concerned with a story.

CoverM (1)CoverM (3)

CoverM (4)CoverM (2)

Source: Svenler’s Fashion & Commercial Photography Blog

Modissa Zurich event , Little pretty things

Modissa Zurich celebrated their lovely event called Little pretty things, a moment to have some fun, and celebrate together with some glasses of champagne ,( A lot) that small things that make a woman happy, with Manicure and Makeup stylist for free with tips and professionals just to learn something more.
Combined with amazing pieces of clothes and a Cosmic DJ, all this ingredient make such a cool atmosphere and nice people.

Please check my impressions

Modissa ZH  (13)

Modissa ZH  (1)Modissa ZH  (3)

Modissa ZH  (4)Modissa ZH  (2)

Modissa ZH  (9)Modissa ZH  (7)

Modissa ZH  (14)

Modissa ZH  (15)Modissa ZH  (8)

Modissa ZH  (12)Modissa ZH  (11)

Modissa ZH  (16)

Love for Details +++ Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015

Since a year Nicolas Ghesquiere took over Louis Vuitton to transform and give a new direction of this brand that was going into a popular mark, same logos and same designs were getting popular and easy to fake.
Now a twist a touch of mixes makes a Luis Vuitton desirable. New mixes, Patchwork and different small details.

Please check this cosmic details from Louis Vuitton cruise 2015

LVR2 (2)

LVR2 (1)

LVR (2)

LVR (1)