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Living in this world full of mainstream brands covered of logos and awareness of what brand are you wearing The Row does the opposite.

Keep it simple, exclusive (how should be done) clients knowing the amount of craftmanship and tradition which goes in each garment. Stoping this fast consumption madness.

The Row presented first time in Paris in a very exclusive show lovely pieces with oversized collar blouses and layers of soft Cashmere.

Please check some impressions

Softness, class and high end fabrics make THE ROW the most discrete and high end brand all done by the Olsen Twins

We want some pieces in our closet.

Johanna Ortiz ++PFW++ Fall 17

When you visit fashion week you expect the big brands only but no, this is not the case, there are a huge amount of excellent designers and showrooms to visit with easy access, That is also the idea to discover new talents because some big brands just dont fill much our expectations, In Paris this week JOHANNA ORTIZ show us another world, a space full of amazing pieces where creativity is the main idea. We see many brands going Balenciaga, vetements, HBA directions, but Joanna’s collections not.
This amazing Colombian designer blow me away with this tones , cuts, style and spark outfits.High quality gowns with a touch of glamour like we all love.


Speechless with all the ruffles and silk amazingnesss


VIVA COLOMBIA ++++++++++++

Something simple ++++

As you all know , I love to stand out of the crowd, and I love people who try to do different stuff, in this case JUNYA WATANABE +++++ really graphic accessories but with a simple and chic looks, standing for a monochromatic color and some draping gowns.

Check some examples of her SS 16 collection, which i love

Juta MCW (8)Juta MCW (7)

Juta MCW (9)Juta MCW (10)

Juta MCW (6)Juta MCW (2)

Juta MCW (1)Juta MCW (5)

Juta MCW (3)Juta MCW (4)

++ you see it, you interpret it and you wear it +++++++

Fashion Shows, collections, design, trends, people, all we see is a 24 hours explosion of fashion but what we do with it is what keep you in the loop.
Mixing and creating your own look is what makes fashion more cool and with lot of fun. as an example you can see me having a similar outfit of the pictures above, under are Givenchy with Leggins and some skirts for men, I took this as inspiration and create this cool look for me, keeping my style and the way how i feel it.
Fashion doesnt have to be expensive, I love mixing designers and also checking low cost brands, in this case i am wearing a lovely Top from Y3 Yohji Yamamoto with a easy long tshirt from London, and a simple black leggins in combination with Nike x Ricacardo Tisci sneakers.



You can buy fashion but no STYLE

“Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom ” ADR

What i love the most is+++++++++++++++++++ to see a Cosmic person standing out and dressing amazing, showing what its really streetstyle.

I love to have at least one or two eyecatchers per day ++++++++++++++


“Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom ” ADR

Rochas of love for PARIS Fashion week Fall/W 15

Rochas collection from Alessandro Dell Acqua has been one of the best ever, as all looks done very nicely and with lot of work, a high piece end which is at the same time elegant, je suis heureux avec la colection..




mmmm in somehow the last outfits looks familiar for me mmmm like Mcqueen for Alexander McQueen like this two examples below


“The birds were reimagined on the runway as a print on black-and-white sheer silk dresses, belted snugly at the waist, and as a black velvet embroidery on an icy blue coat worn over a dress in the same fabric. The notion of a matching coat and dress feels like a relic itself, but Dell’Acqua avoided the vintage trap. Sleeveless midi dresses with wide, waist-cinching belts came in supple double-face check or a speckled tweed. They’ll feel nice against bare skin. The piecrust ruffles lining the bodices of strappy cocktail numbers struck a slightly more retro note, but their ultrafeminine vibes will find fans anyhow.” STYLE

Courtesy: Style