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The concentrated scent of this man? What were those tantalizing fragrances? There was a looming sense of an unbridled olfactory tease and much more. The secret is a triple blow of seduction that attracts practically everything in its path.
WANTED BY NIGHT entices the nose in the same way you would savor a cocktail. At night, all senses are awakened like TWILIGHT, MIDNIGHT, DAWN.
The legendary AZZARO wanted bottle is out and all dressed up for a party, A genuine mark of character for any man who holds it, the new sleek high-tech version of this bottle has brass medallions mixed with the same tasteful chromed anthracite gray lacquer finish. Faceted with curved geometric shapes, the lightly smoked glass on this signature bottle truly makes it distinctive.
This Eau de Parfum is the scented messenger announcing an epic night when overpowering cinnamon and exuberantly woody red cedar meet the commanding sensuousness of a tobacco harmony.
AZZARO fragrances mark where the finest raw materials mingle with extraordinary natural ingredients that are responsibly and masterfully sourced, grown, harvested and transformed.







FENDIbag me SS18

After this month of a full immersion of fashion during Spring summer 2018, many brands went to a basic and not creative direction, same colors and same patterns, basic pieces of all time summer but a few took a chance and showed us cool styles for summer and from different angles, this is the case for FENDI.
Fendi bring a lovely collection based in high class gentleman with a small touch of glamour together with quality, specially at the Italian way. (I had bad quality experience with N21 brand) this is why i am looking into quality this time. According to Fendi SS18 details are a key piece in this runway, specially in each bag which make me think i want them all i mean ALL, so cool pieces and still very funky as last couple of collections. so please see the best pieces that we need to get for summer 18.




Effortless chic by BACK fall 17

When BACK started to call my attention i was thinking why all big brands are bringing the same style, its for being safe or just lack of creativity, well i saw BACK and i said wow cool and her collections is really wow, very effortless very chic and cool, her designer said she was inspired by Sweden and took also some childhood references and build it on each piece combined with some mood for party.
I give a huge hands up for new upcoming designers and sometimes they have better ideas than chanel.



Hi I’m Julian by NEUBAU

Feel the difference is what NEUBAU glasses is creating now in the market, a market dominated by luxury brands, but NEUBAU is bringing super quality and the most lovely topic in the market SUSTAINABILITY. A strong reason to look this cool company based in Austria, also showing a really cool mood and models that creates an urban,independent,genuine,open-minded look.Their particular way to call all their products are by the name of the employees Hi I’m Sam, Hi I’m Linda, etc, this is how creativity is done. Including a sustainable soft packaging.
The 7th district in Vienna, where NEUBAU was born, is that kind of place, a fertile breeding ground for innovative and challenging ideas, from fashion to music and contemporary arts. Showing as partners in Milan fashion week with Grinko this super cool collaboration give MFW a good spin of coolness. Check some impressions of their presentation in Zurich.







Hoi Bally ! as very traditional brand coming from a very traditional country Switzerland, BALLY just blow me away, i love how brands are keeping tradition like Bally stripes but moving and getting an update and pushing boundaries, for that i say just wooow Cosmic amazing, i just love everything they showed in Milan fashion week presentation.
Trendy and easy going with a mix of materials and fabrics from velvet, tartan and colorful bags, of course keeping the high quality that always represent BALLY, a fresh direction which attracts now young community and fashionistas to stand up and keep it very trendy.
I was a fan of Bally, now i am a huge FAN and even more supporting as i am living in Switzerland.
Check some beauty outfits that were presented this week, I look forward to own some lovely pieces.


Fashion TREND alert Fall 17

In the middle of the boom of Fashion week slowly we start to see new trends for fall winter 17. in this case i am super mega happy to see this cosmic trend
+++++LONG SLEEVES GLOVES ++++ seeing in last show of ALTUZARRA who is getting more named than before, everyone on the fashion industry talks about it, anyhow his strong catwalk with this amazing pieces in leather cuts and some ribbon sides.
This is a must trend for fall 17 and i wanna see it on all colors and with so many combinations of fabrics.


ModeSuisse Edition 11

All eyes were on Zurich this week, ModeSuisse landed to show a world where many creative minds put together lovely gowns and trends.
As always a full attendance public means something, there is a huge interest in Fashion in Switzerland.
I saw a lot of new tendencies, lot of influence which is all fashion about, my concerns are who would wear it in a conservative society? maybe that is our task fashionistas to show that Switzerland has potential and that is why Modesuisse is the platform for it.
A huge ovation to JULIA SEEMAN, developing a wave of style and punk madness which we love it. After her show in Berlin we have the pleasure to see it here in Zurich.
LIDA NOBA, Imagine traveling in a cloud in the middle of sand colors and preppy softness, the most lovely experience together with the music.
HEAD GENEVE blow me away with an amazing men collection of yetti madness, serving a lot of empowering outfits and strong steps into the audience. hell YES (Jeremy Gaillard )
ADRIAN REBER with a shadow of gold and brown, magnificent fur pieces mixed into gold mood and mix of materials well done and excellent execute.
WUETHRICHFUERST welcome to the world of realness mood and a crazy construction in which our desire said we want more and more.
I am very happy to see this amazing designers working hard in order to show us a new world, a parallel world full of creativity and to MODESUISSE to send us to that world.

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Modesuisse 11Modesuisse 11

Danke MODESUISSE for having me.

Hello 2017

After a roller coaster 2016 where fashion changed so much, trends were coming to us like a x-ray, i will also compare the fashion year like my own life fashion experience, I am very happy to start a 2017 with full power standing out and keeping creativity in a high standard, learning more about fashion and giving my own opinion about it, with a 2016 of many wannabe bloggers and only for money i post my picture, 2017 will be better and walking hard and with a different opinion about this topics, i am very happy how trends develop like Dior, Vetements, Balenciaga, McQueen, Hood by Air, and and many more.

For the moment wish you an AMAZING 2017 full of fashion.