Hi I’m Julian by NEUBAU

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Feel the difference is what NEUBAU glasses is creating now in the market, a market dominated by luxury brands, but NEUBAU is bringing super quality and the most lovely topic in the market SUSTAINABILITY. A strong reason to look this cool company based in Austria, also showing a really cool mood and models that creates an urban,independent,genuine,open-minded look.Their particular way to call all their products are by the name of the employees Hi I’m Sam, Hi I’m Linda, etc, this is how creativity is done. Including a sustainable soft packaging.
The 7th district in Vienna, where NEUBAU was born, is that kind of place, a fertile breeding ground for innovative and challenging ideas, from fashion to music and contemporary arts. Showing as partners in Milan fashion week with Grinko this super cool collaboration give MFW a good spin of coolness. Check some impressions of their presentation in Zurich.






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