Vivetta by Mercedes Benz Fashion Days Zurich III

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VIVETTA is a new fashion label from Milan created by Vivetta Ponti. The VIVETTA girl lives in a sugar-coated surrealist world, Talking about poetry, depicting a delicate, fun, light and at same time assertive femininity and telling about the love of creative for dolls, antique, fifties furniture and tapestry from sixties and seventies. These nostalgical elements combine to hyper contemporary silhouettes and bon-ton patterns contrasting with lines that are more clean, enriched by unexpected details, surreal elements that usually aren’t considered as feminine like the profiles of faces and hands in the precious embroideries decorating the creations by vivetta, a leitmotiv of collections by the brand. It’s a motley universe under the sign of an extremely contemporary and dynamic idea of elegance, dressed up with romanticism and irony, where the surrealistic experience finds a new context in fashion and which successfully makes concrete the best tradition of made in italy and its bright sartorialism.


Lovely presentation by Trois Pommes

Courtesy: Jeannette Johannsen

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