Duality Situation

In the fashion world or in any kind of world you are into, we are facing different situations, which you cannot avoid, religion and may other topics but i will not talk about that, i just want to reflect on this picture that i took in ART BASEL a clear statement, a duality situation that we live everyday.
I want to reflect the good and the bad, we pretend to be angels and see that a dark sidedoes not belong to us, we all have a holy and devil part, It is a way to keep control inside of us.
We are aware of the devil but we still remain saints, all depends of the society.


Wearing :
Underrated pullover
Pants: Dolce Gabbana
Shoes : Alberto Guardiani

“If you believe in God is because of the devil” ENIGMA

We all love shoes by ASOS

We love shoes YES, also bags and we go back to love shoes ++++++ it is kind of a fetish, I love to see on the runways of the fashion weeks the shoes, and i adore shoe presentations, you can touch , feel quality, and all kind of creativity that a shoe envolves.
I want to show not always high end brands but also good quality and cool designs, its not about brands its about STYLE +++ my motto +++
ASOS presented for the upcoming season cool and sophisticated shoes to combine with your lovely pieces +++
Velvet comes very strong and piton leather or printed piton.
Check this options more under asos.com


MCW AsosMCW asos 2

MCW Asos3MCW Asos 4

Robotic PRADA situation

PRADA just drop this new and cosmic arrivals available from June 2016 worldwide and online. I just block june on my calendar. ++++ hope you too +++

In Switzerland in Geneva, Saint Moritz and soon in Zurich at the bahnhofstrasse

This is just a must have pieces, i just love creativity and this is why we pay a high price, but quality and creativity has been PRADA direction, special pieces make us feel freally fashionistas and stand out of the crown, just check small details on each piece,this is the real explanation why fashion can be funny.

Prada MCW 6
a must piece

MCW Prada3

this one too

MCW Prada2


prada mcw 6

MCW Prada4

available from 1 of June in PRADA


Dis-dressed by PRADA

PRADA presents ‘dis-dressed redux

The ‘dis-dressed redux’ project featuring a series of exclusive photos by Willy Vanderperre makes its debut on http://www.prada.com today.

The photographer’s lens takes us backstage at the Prada Men’s and Women’s Fall/Winter 2016 runway shows to examine the aesthetics and references between the two collections.

This reflection concludes the exploratory path that began in January with ‘dis-dressed’ and continued in February with ‘dis-dressed epilogue’.

Prada_dis-dressed redux


Pure Whiteness by MARGIELA

Summer is approaching and slowly we are thinking what is trend , what is coming for SS16, as always so many trends , colors, prints, different kind of materials and and , but what counts is what you wanna wear , what you make out of trends and put it together, Style this is something unique and many fashion bloggers cannot find the difference, you need to learn, you need to go to fashion shows, fashion weeks , and be always up to date. One of the best trends is pure whiteness , kind of holy but keeping your own signature, keep it different , feel different and for that check this examples from MAISON MARGIELA SS16, How this lovely garments are place together in a Cosmic way.